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If you love drawings, you may be exploring a lot of techniques as well as mediums that allow you to showcase your talent. Drawing cartoons for example is one fun way to use your love for drawings and can also be a profitable venture. You can also draw paintings, comic strips or even three-dimensional ones.
If you want to learn how to draw in 3D, you might need to learn a few techniques on how to make this effect. Of course, some people are just so talented that they may be able to draw things in 3D without even learning a few techniques but of course, if you want to learn the skill and you want to learn fast, here are three techniques that you might find useful.

Love Drawings
1. Learning to draw perspective. Drawing things in perspective is one of the foundations to be able to master and learn how to draw in 3D. If you are drawing in perspective, objects closer to you appear larger while those farther away from you appear shorter or smaller. Practicing your eye to look at the perspective of objects will also help you draw them in perspective and give it a 3D effect.

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To draw in perspective you can use parallel lines to create a 3D effect on an object, so that when you draw a square for example, you will not be making a flat square but a cube, which shows its different sides.

Love Drawings
2. Shading and lighting. Another technique that you can use to create a three dimensional effect on your drawings is to make use of shading. In some cases you can also lighten a part of the subject to create a 3D effect. Shading is simply done by drawing dark parallel lines to make shadows. Cross hatching is also another technique in creating shades that also brings out its 3D effect. Instead of only parallel lines drawn together to create the shading, this technique uses crossing lines. Veiling is another technique used in creating shades to make the 3D effect.

Love Drawings3. Drawing what you see

If you are quite familiar with the two techniques above, you can also learn how to draw in 3D by simply drawing things around you. You can draw piled boxes, the stairs, draw a bottle and many other things you see around. Of course, you have to draw them as how you see them. Although this might not be easy at first, constant practice will help you hone your skills in learning how to draw things as you see them, of course, using your skills in shading or sketching in perspective as well.

Love Drawings


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